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If you suffer from chronic foot pain or an unresolved injury, surgery isn't your only option. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle in Edmond, and Norman, Oklahoma, the team uses cutting-edge regenerative medicine. These treatments are designed to promote healing your body using stem cells. Research shows that regenerative medicine can help repair damaged tissue without surgery. Let Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle help you explore your treatment options. Call the office today to speak to a team member or schedule an appointment online using this website.

Regenerative Medicine

What is regenerative medicine?

Chronic illnesses and injuries can damage your tissues and organs. This damage is often challenging to treat, and many medical treatments focus only on masking symptoms. But treating your symptoms doesn't address the underlying damage.

Regenerative medicine is different. These treatments seek to replace damaged tissues by encouraging your body to heal itself. That's why the team at Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle offers stem cell therapies designed to relieve stubborn pain.

How do regenerative medicine treatments work?

If you have tissue damage, the team may recommend amnion injections. These injections contain mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), a unique type of stem cells. MSCs are harvested from placentas gathered during the birth of healthy, full-term babies. They have special properties that research suggests helps heal cell damage.

MSCs contain a complete spectrum of human growth factors. As a result, they can revitalize specialized cells in your body. When these cells are injected into damaged tissue, MSGs may help your body repair itself.

What happens during a regenerative medicine treatment?

At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle, you can receive regenerative treatments during a simple in-office procedure. During your treatment, the team injects stem cells directly into the injured area to promote healing.

First, they provide a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Next, the team cleans the injection site and prepares the syringe. Once the injection is complete, the team covers the area with a sterile bandage.

You may need to rest for a few days after your procedure. But most patients can return to their normal activities within three to five days. 

What are some advantages of regenerative medicine?

Treatments that use MSCs may help you avoid more invasive care. Research shows that regenerative therapies may help your body heal naturally, eliminating the need for surgical procedures.

Many people who undergo regenerative treatments also find that they're able to stop taking their pain medication. Discontinuing these drugs may help you avoid certain health risks and side effects. 

The Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle team can help you weigh your options to decide whether regenerative medicine is right for you. Call the friendly office staff or schedule an appointment online using the online booking tool.