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Plantar fasciitis is often responsible for stubborn heel and arch pain. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle in Edmond, and Norman, Oklahoma, you can receive specialized care. The team offers a wide range of conservative treatments, including steroid injections and regenerative medicine. Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle deliver the care you need to resolve your plantar fasciitis without surgery. To learn more about your treatment options, call the office today, or schedule an appointment online.

Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

The plantar fascias are thick bands of tissue that connect your heel bone to your toes. This tissue supports the arch of your foot and allows you to walk or run. But if this tissue becomes irritated or inflamed, you may be diagnosed with a condition known as plantar fasciitis.

Many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis report stabbing foot pain, which is often worse in the morning. However, foot pain related to plantar fasciitis can also return after long periods of sitting or standing.

In some cases, your pain may be severe enough to keep you from working or exercising. 

What causes plantar fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is designed to absorb shock when you stand, walk, or run. But putting too much strain on this tissue can cause irritation and small tears. Over time, this irritation can worsen and trigger debilitating pain.

Plantar fasciitis is most common in athletes. But being overweight can also put added strain on your feet. Wearing poorly fitted shoes or other specific foot problems can also trigger plantar fasciitis. 

People who spend a lot of time on their feet, like teachers or factory workers, might also be at a higher risk of this condition. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle, you can receive an in-depth consultation to find out if you're at risk for plantar fasciitis.

How is plantar fasciitis treated?

The Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle team often uses conservative treatments to resolve your pain without surgery. If you have plantar fasciitis, the team may suggest gentle stretches or special shoe inserts. They might also provide ultrasound-guided injections and prescription medications to ease your symptoms.

Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle also offers regenerative medicine to help you recover from an injury. Research suggests that regenerative medicine may help your body heal damaged tissue. These treatments are performed through a simple in-office injection and require minimal downtime.

In rare cases, you may need surgery to correct problems with your plantar fascia. If surgery is recommended, the Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle team offers comprehensive care before and after your procedure. 

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