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Nerve pain affects millions of Americans each year. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle in Edmond, and Norman, Oklahoma, the medical team can help resolve your stubborn nerve pain. They offer a wide range of treatments designed to slow or reverse nerve damage. These treatments relieve nagging pain and help you enjoy an active lifestyle. If you struggle with nerve pain, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

Nerve Pain

What is nerve pain?

Your nervous system is a complex network of specialized cells. These cells send signals throughout your body so you can sense the world around you. 

But sometimes, the nerves in your body may suffer damage. Injuries and illnesses sometimes cause nerve malfunctions and trigger debilitating nerve pain. Nerve pain can keep you from working or enjoying your favorite activities. Sometimes, these symptoms also lead to falls or other injuries.

What causes nerve pain?

At first, you may have trouble understanding the cause of your symptoms. But careful investigation can determine what's behind your pain. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle, the team performs an in-depth exam. First, they collect information about your medical history. Next, they order specialized tests to assess nerve function in your feet and legs.

The team may determine that your nerve pain is linked to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. This condition has many possible causes, but most cases of peripheral neuropathy are caused by diabetes.

Peripheral neuropathy can permanently damage the nerves in your feet. In time, neuropathy might also spread to other areas of your body. But treatment at Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle can provide relief and keep your symptoms from worsening.

How is nerve pain treated?

At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle, the team develops a personalized treatment plan. They know that each case of nerve pain is unique. Your treatment plan is designed with your needs in mind.

Medication, including nerve blocks, often provides significant relief. But sometimes, surgery is necessary. Rest assured that the Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle team is experienced in the field of podiatric medicine. They provide comprehensive care both before and after your procedure. The practice also offers microsurgeries that can relieve your pain without a lengthy hospital stay.

Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle also offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine treatments to reverse nerve damage and relieve your pain. The team can help you determine whether regenerative medicine is right for you. Laser treatments and electrical stimulation are available, as well. 

Ready to learn more about your treatment options? Call the office today or schedule an appointment online.