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Clinical studies suggest that about 10% of the population in Western countries have fungal nails, and after the age of 60, that percentage doubles. At Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle in Edmond, and Norman, Oklahoma, the team proudly offers laser treatment for fungal nails. This safe, effective means of treatment is performed in-office and provides long-lasting results. To see if you’re a candidate, call the office or click the online booking tool and request your consultation today.

LASER Treatment for Fungal Nails

What are fungal nails?

Fungal nails are a common podiatric problem that usually begins as a small yellow or white dot on the surface of one or more toenails. Untreated, the fungus can cause your nails to crumble, thicken, and emit a foul odor, and even spread to other nails. 

You might be able to treat a minor case of fungal nails with over-the-counter medications. However, if your condition worsens or spreads to more than one toenail, it’s time to seek professional medical help.

What is laser treatment for fungal nails?

Laser treatment for fungal nails is a state-of-the-art procedure that uses bursts of laser energy to heat tissues. When the mold or fungal cells in your toenails absorb the heat from the laser, it kills the microbes, allowing your nails to heal. 

Laser treatment for fungal nails is different than traditional therapies, in that the energy penetrates your entire toenail, all the way to the nail bed. As a result, it eradicates fungus everywhere, not just on the surface of your nail. 

Additionally, laser treatment uses different wavelengths, which minimizes heating to your surrounding skin and soft tissue. As a result, the procedure is almost entirely pain-free.

Am I a good candidate for laser treatment for fungal nails?

To determine if you’re a good candidate to treat your fungal nails with laser treatment, make an appointment with the team at Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle. Following a review of your medical history, exam of your toes, and discussion of your symptoms, your podiatrist can make a treatment recommendation that aligns with your individual needs.

What happens during laser treatment for fungal nails?

Before performing laser treatment for fungal nails, your Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle provider carefully files down your nails. After prepping your nails, your podiatrist points the laser at both your affected and non-affected nails. The procedure takes about 30 minutes. 

Laser treatment doesn’t clear your nail immediately, so you can expect to return to the office for multiple appointments. It usually takes 6-12 months to eradicate the fungal infection, but it’s well worth it. 

If fungal toenails are negatively impacting your quality of life, noninvasive laser treatment is worth considering. Make an appointment at Edmond Norman Foot and Ankle today by calling the office or clicking the online booking tool.